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If you are an advertiser or a publisher, you can partner with us by joining our affiliate program which offers you great opportunities to generate additional revenue. Link up your website with Mygeeksworld website offering repair and maintenance service and earn up to 20% commission on all sales that are referred from your portal. Our affiliate marketing can have a beneficial impact on your own brand reputation.

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Benefits of joining our affiliate program

Affiliate Marketing Program for your assured success!

  •   Affiliate marketing is your opportunity to efficiently market the products and services online.
  •   The biggest advantage is the performance-based commission model.
  •   You can earn commission on all sales you refer to our online store.
  •   As an advertiser, you can boost your sales and leads and you only pay when you get paid.
  •   As a publisher, you can enhance your online traffic by promoting advertiser products and services.


You can trust us because we have good experience in this industry including corporate support.

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